Comfort and Beauty – How to Choose a Bra

Do you know that wearing a wrongly-chosen bra can lead to diseases like fibrocystic breasts or breast cancer? Some scientists insist that tight bras compress the breasts and adjoining areas – this prevents your natural lymph drainage, which results in toxic substances deposition in the breast tissues. One of Japanese studies claims that there is a link between wearing bras and decreased melatonin production. What’s that to you? Since melatonin is a powerful antioxidant having anti-aging, stress-relieving, immune stimulating and antitumor effects, its deficiency can affect the development of breast cancer. Besides, wearing ill-fitted bras can be associated with pain in the back, shoulders and chest, postural disorder, difficulty in breathing and skin injuries. What a go!

In fact, while there are still many controversies about the link between bras and breast cancer (a comprehensive 2014 American study showed that no aspect of bra-wearing was associated with breast cancer risk), experts concur that women should choose their bras correctly to avoid both discomfort and health problems. The right size is a key point, but there are also other considerations related to choosing a bra for specific needs. Make a note of them and keep healthy, while staying beautiful!

Now you know that choosing a bra design is not only about fashion and beauty, but also about your comfort and health. You don’t need to refuse wearing bras at all, but you need to avoid bra styles, which are not suitable for your purpose and bust size. Before purchasing a bra, check your cup and band size, since no design will fit perfectly, until the size is correctly defined. You can go to an off-line store to try on a style and size and then search for the same model through online-stores – this is the best way to ensure that your bra won’t harm your health and will fit perfectly!

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