How to Choose a Mountain Bike without Being Stony Broke

Why are mountain bikes so expensive?! And how do they really differ? That’s what you usually think after getting another “smart” advice to look for a bicycle that costs at least $400 or to choose something from Giant or Specialized line-ups. In theory, you can purchase the latest    Santa Cruz Tallboy CC for $8,000 and feel quite happy with it, but in practice, you can find yourself disappointed with both the bike and the price. And why the hell you need a bike for almost $10,000 if you are just a beginner who wants an average versatile model for riding outside the city at weekends?!

So, let’s agree that mountain bikes are supposed to have harder frames, higher clearance, thicker tires and more reliable wheels to withstand off-road conditions. And therefore, there is an obvious reason for them to cost a pretty penny – something more reliable cannot cost as much as something less reliable. But there are also many features that can be either useful or useless depending on your purpose – and these features are price sensitive! And since the prices vary from $200 to several thousand, this is a good reason to choose a mountain bike having only those features you really need for your riding style.

Don’t go dip into alloys, while forgetting about simple, yet important features. Avoid discomfort when riding. You need to take into account a frame size – the taller and heavier a person, the larger the size. Get your mountain bike fitted by using the following table:



155 – 165 cm

14 –15″

165 – 170 cm

15 – 16″

170 – 175 cm

16 – 17″

175 – 180 cm

17 – 18″

180 – 185 cm

18 – 19″

185 – 190 cm

19 – 21″

190 – 195 cm

21 – 22″

195 – 200 cm

22 – 23″

So, now you know the main features of mountain bikes to choose from without overpaying – ignore brands, marketing tricks and “smart” advices, while sticking to your guns!

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