How to Choose a Pillow and Sleep Well Ever After

“Only time-honored down and feather!” – say some of your friends. “Forget about this old-fashioned down pillows! Only memory foam!”- insist other well-wishers. “Bamboo is the best” – argue the third group of advisors. And who of them is right?! What to choose – a traditional or orthopedic pillow, down or foam, larger or smaller size? It is easy to get insomnia just thinking about all those pillow choices! And it is even easier to spend a bunch of money for a pillow that you don’t really need.

So, don’t go crazy and don’t rush to the nearest store in order to buy a pillow just because it is hyped by your friends or admen. If you really have this feeling that your pillow doesn’t suit you anymore, first and foremost, think of your personal needs. Indeed, there is a mindbending range of options on the market, but we will guide you through it to facilitate your task.

Pillows for sleeping

They say that you need an orthopedic pillow badly and that if you don’t buy one, you will ruin your health. But this is far apart from the truth! If you don’t suffer from any musculoskeletal system disorders, all you need is a regular bed pillow designed to support the cervical vertebrae in a natural position – this allows the muscles of the neck and upper back to relax, while providing full blood supply to the brain. And that is it – you won’t get spinal curvature or other disorders, if you choose a pillow without a claimed orthopedic effect.

Ok, then what are your selection criteria? Traditional bed pillows come in a rectangular or square shape and in range of sizes, as well as cover and fill materials. These multiple options allow choosing the right pillow for healthy sleep depending on your special needs. But there is no pillow type which is fit for everyone! So, start from a fill material and then add other preferable features, while taking into account your budget.

As you can see, there is quite a variety of pillows on the market to choose from depending on your needs. When choosing, you’d rather focus on your individual features like habits and health ground, than on trends imposed by advertising or word of mouth. All the more so, as now you know everything about pillow types and purposes – based on our tips you can be savvy in your choices!

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