How to Choose a Professional Hair Dryer for Home Use

How do they do it, I wonder? Many women will sell their souls to the devil to get these stunning skills in styling with a hair dryer, as professionals in salons have. I mean, we all have those little nice hair dryers at our homes, but only few of us can boast a salon-class hairstyle. Maybe, it’s all about professional hair dryers and their magic features?

Indeed, modern hair dryers are used for both drying and styling, which allows to add volume to thin hair, to straighten natural curls, to curl naturally straight hair, to make shiny locks and so on. Some of these can be made with the help of an average at-home blow dryer, but many of these devices cannot provide the flexibility equal to professional blow dryers.

Professional devices compare favorably with at-home hair dryers in both general quality and specific features:

  • The average service life of professional hair dryers is 5-10 years compared to 2-5 years of at-home blow dryers;
  • Professional devices feature power of over 2 000 W, which speeds up the process of styling, especially when drying long and thick hair;
  • They have a ceramic heating element, providing uniform heating as opposed to metal heating elements in regular hair dryers, producing the intense and uneven heat that damages hair easily;
  • Professional appliances don’t get overheated when heavily used due to the built-in protection;
  • Professional devices boast multiple temperature and speed settings to choose from depending on both a type of styling and a type of hair;
  • As a rule, they are equipped with a set of nozzles for many ways of styling;
  • Professional blow dryers feature a longer cord – 7-10ft;
  • They have an ergonomic design with a non-slip handle and rubber-covered parts – this provides better grip and prevent the device from damage if it falls down;
  • Professional hair dryers are usually equipped with removable protection filters, preventing hair from getting inside and damaging the engine;
  • They feature some kind of ionization for enhanced shine and a cold air shot for better fixation;
  • Professional blow dryers differ in a lower noise level though being more powerful.

These features are specific to professional hair dryers in general, but this doesn’t mean that each professional device combines all the characteristics. Neither this means that you need all of them in your blow dryer – you’d rather choose a device with necessary options depending on your individual needs.

Having this range of settings, you can get all basic combinations for you and your family.

When choosing a hair dryer, keep in mind that some pricier at-home devices can combine most or even all the above mentioned features. But there are differences that cannot be measured just based on a product description. Fit and finish, reliability of motor and its winding, as well as many other characteristics can be observed and appreciated only when you start using an appliance. Thus, if you want a professional quality, search for a manufacturer specializing in styling tools for salons and be ready to drop about $100 for your hair dryer. But if you don’t use your blow dryer every day, there are many decent options in the $50-60 range – just don’t tell anyone about the price, while taking them aback by your styling skills!

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