To Fold Or Not To Fold – How to Choose a Folding Bicycle

When you feel stressed out by the efforts you spend on everyday carrying and proper storing of your bicycle, it’s a high time you thought about purchasing a foldable option. Yeah, from 1878, when the first folding bike was invented, we have such a compact alternative to a regular bicycle. Sure, modern folding bikes are much more sophisticated and that is really great, since their hi-tech design grants us more freedom in everyday use.

Contrary to this view, evil tongues insist that folding bikes cost an arm and a leg. But we’d say this pays off! Yes, you will have to fork up for the specific design of folding bikes, since it comprises a lot of hi-tech features. But this is a fair price for the multifunctionality – you can take a folding bike with you to many public places without creating any discomfort for other people. You can easily transport your folding bike in urban and suburban transport or stuff it in your car to have a ride outside the city. And the risk of theft is reduced almost to zero, as you can always keep your bike to hand.

Critics say that folding bikes feature a heavier weight? Yes, their complex design adds some weight, but on the plus side, they boast small size and occupy little space that makes them easy to carry and to store. Besides, are there many regular bikes in mass production that weight less than 6 kg? There are Trek Emonda SLR and Merida Scultura 9000 LTD, but they cost damned $15,000! And foldable A-bike costs less than $1,000!

They claim that foldable bicycles cannot compare with traditional bikes in reliability, easy ride benefits, driving performance and maintainability? Yes, this criticism is on target, but we shouldn’t be too tough on folding bikes, since they are designed to strike a balance between portability and performance. All you need to do is to decide on your needs, while we will help you to choose the best suitable model.

The best thing about folding bikes is that you can really strike a balance depending on your particular needs whether you require a lower price or the best durability. Generally, proceed from the fact that larger wheels improve performance, but worsen compactness and vice versa. More stringent requirements for the bike suspension, transmission, brakes and other equipment tend to affect the price, weight and size badly and thus they are reasonable only if you have some specific needs. Video reviews or a visit to an off-line store will help you to better understand the complexity of a folding method, while owing to our tips you have already learnt which of other features you should consider when choosing a folding bike.

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